Monday, March 2, 2009

Boys Are Stupid!

Okay not all boys. Not even necessarily all drunk boys. But some of them, boy howdy! First of all, I heard this one repeatedly during my adventures this weekend... "come on, just come home with me and cuddle". Yeah. I'm sure that's exactly what you have in mind. Cause God knows that drunk boys are horny for a good cuddle. Don't worry, I won't even try to make out with you. We'll just cuddle. Cause it is so awesome to cuddle with people who don't a crap about you.
To this complaint I would like to add another. Stupid boys who pursue you and ask for your phone number and have no intention of calling. My first thought is this: I never asked for a follow up. Honestly I am pretty cool with just leaving it be. So why go on and on about how much you like me, spend an evening pursuing me, ask me for my phone number, when you and I both know you are not really interested. I am not one of these girls who needs to be bullshitted. I just think it is sort of stupid when I am not showing any interest in seeing you again. Lets both have some self respect and hey who knows, maybe we'll see each other around. At least if you don't work overtime at revealing your chumpiness, we could have a friendly hello, what's up. I must admit that I don't always understand the male mind. As far as I can tell guys play way more games than girls do, even when the girl isn't actually participating!?! Maybe they realize that you don't really care for them so they play games to irritate you as opposed to you just being oblivious.

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