Thursday, February 26, 2009

We Have Lift Off!

Well, it looks like life is drastically going to change again. I knew this would be the case, but it caught me off guard by coming a month earlier than I expected. Looks like I will be starting crazy school on Monday, the beginning, instead of the end of the month. I got a phone call from the U of A today and they asked me if I would like to start earlier, as I had requested to be put on the early admin list, and that there was an opening for Monday. In my head, I am trying to recall exactly what day it is, what plans I have made for the next month and wrap my head around the drastic change that is about to occur. Perhaps prompted by my lack of response, the woman on the other end of the phone mentions that I seemed to be eager to start, moreso than the others in my preadmin group. While I consider that this will be sacrificing a month of solitude at home (my best friend and worst enemy these days) I also remind myself that this is what I have waited 14 months for. The last 14 months have been a strange anomaly in my life. While they have cemented my awareness that I do need to invest my attentions and awareness to figuring out some direction for my future, these months have also stood in the way of me actually stepping into my future, as a result of having to wait on lengthly systems and waiting lists to get the support I am pursuing. I am what you would call a 'solutions oriented person'. I am not a waiter, I am a doer. So to go from workaholism to doing nothingaholism in 14 months has been challenging to say the least. On top of that, I have been waiting for so long now that I am more comfortable hibernating than being on a schedule. So to realize that this whole outlived phase of my life actually OVER now, is rather jarring. But it is good! On with life already! Yes, it is time to rejoin the land of the living. Over and out.

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