Friday, February 6, 2009

Adventures in toots town...

Well, now that I have a follower, the distinguished Eat Muhsk, I feel obliged to write something. I don't like to express myself too much these days, I think it is because I am not feeling very proud or inspired by the way I am living my life right now. In fact, I'd rather not talk about it. Anywho, the world keeps turning and I am getting older, whether I participate in life or not. So, maybe it is good to get connected. With Eat, and with myself. Not that I am doing anything so fancy dancy as living in Kathmandu, (which may in fact be far more dancy than fancy) but maybe to people living in Kathmandu, Edmonton is exotic. It's all relative.
I can see that I am off to a strong start, so I will keep on going. My week consisted of Karaoke overkill and a lot of weirdness. Also, a sore throat and a friendly red-head visitor from Vancouver, the black hole that is sucking in all of my friends. I baked chocolate chip cookies and carrot, orange, ginger soup. I made buttons and I made a shirt. On the defunct 4th year anniversary of me and my ex, I also lost a valued band member. That night at Karaoke (of course) I got smoked in the back of the head by some guys elbow, who tried to comfort me by leaving his hand on my shoulder for an awkwardly long time. I removed it in surliest of fashion. My head proceeded to throb. Afterwards, while coming out of the washroom, a very petite man (moron) at the pool table told me I owed him a dollar, as he was playing for money, and I evidently and unknowingly knocked one of the balls into the pocked as I walked by. After staring at him in confusion as my head throbbed, I told him to eat it, and went and sat down. He later payed a visit to my table, and over the pounding in my head, I think I heard him say "if you're going to start something you should finish it" uhhhhhhhhh....? Also, a very old, small and inebriated man thought it necessary to give me a shoulder rub, as my friends were trying to shoulder/head rub the pain away. Please sir, no more. Weird night. There is, however a silver lining to this story. As we were leaving the pub, my friend Heather had a guy friend of hers put mr. pool shark in his place, as she raced around knocking all of the balls on the table into the pockets. As she walked (quickly) out of the bar, one of the pool miscreants said "that was NOT cool" I beg to differ.

Speaking of cool, I hear that Richard Simmons is in Edmonton this evening. I can feel the warmth of his love-glow on my face, even from my bedroom. Sweet Dreams, fair prince, sweet dreams. <3

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Tootslikes! said...

Wow! What an interesting and amusing anecdote! I can't wait to see what else you are going to write. Please write something again, and soon!